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Grow together with the City. Start your business in Regina

Regina is famous for its great history and the percentage of Aboriginal people living in the area nowadays. The original name of the city is Wascana (“Buffalo Bones” in Cree) which was renamed to Regina (Latin for “Queen”) in 1882 in honor of Queen Victoria. Today, Regina is a leading source of population growth across Canada.

It is projected that the population in Regina alone will reach 300,000 people by 2035. According to the Official Community Plan (OCP), Regina is expected to make great investments in developing infrastructure, preparing the City for the sharp growth in the number of people in homes. The changes can be seen even today. Strong and steady growth in weekly earnings already attracts a high number of workers to Saskatchewan area including Regina.

To Canadians in Regina searching for a low-risk and low-cost franchise opportunity, consider joining the Metropolitan Movers team as we set up an expansion to Saskatchewan’s capital. With a population of more than 235,000 people, Regina is one of several Canadian cities identified by our company as a high-reward location and we’re looking for the right franchise candidate to help us secure a place in this Saskatchewan market.

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Why our moving franchise business is a success

There are many reasons why the Metropolitan Movers’ franchise network is so successful at producing high-performing franchisees.

  • Moving services and moving companies are in high demand in cities like Regina. Hiring companies to help you move is so much easier and stress-free. It’s fast, easy, and cost-effective for them, opening up a franchise opportunity for you.
  • Cities are in development, with record residential construction. That’s bringing in more people to rental markets, resulting in a greater need for moving companies to assist in navigating major metropolitan areas.
  • Students and seniors don’t necessarily always have the resources to move without help. Anyone downsizing, moving between residences, or who are moving into a condo oftentimes can take a lot of the pressure off themselves by putting it on a company like ours.

Why Metropolitan Movers

Since 2010, Metropolitan Movers has been taking over the Canadian moving company marketplace. Focusing on going above and beyond for our customers, we make the process of moving not so stressful and difficult. In our history, we’ve promoted employees to the role of franchisee with astounding results.

Why Metropolitan Movers is the perfect franchising opportunity in Regina is because of several reasons. Our team of marketing specialists will help to provide increased exposure and lead generation strategies for your local market. Our customer service ratings are the highest in the moving company industry and we will show you how we do it. We have an extensive online presence which will benefit you, with SEO and social media tactics targeting your geographic location and corresponding to ongoing local trends.

As a Regina franchisee, you will receive professional training and ongoing support from Metropolitan Movers. We encourage all of our franchisees to look beyond their territory and bring jobs in from distant locations. In fact, we have financial incentives to book clients for different locations. Our Smart Franchising Fee system is also designed to secure the lowest moving prices for the client while guaranteeing a profitable business for your company.

From our perspective, Regina’s an underserved market in moving services. We believe a Metropolitan Movers franchise can benefit the community in a big way, assisting students, seniors, busy professionals, and families move across the city or relocate with ease. As a franchisee in Regina, you will have our utmost backing. Like in our other franchisees, we are looking for leaders and entrepreneurs.

Join the Metropolitan Movers moving company as a Regina franchisee and gain access to strategic partnerships and agreements which increase the likelihood of your success, instantly profit from our intellectual property and infrastructure, have a team of people helping you protect the integrity of your business and quality of services, and benefit from a business that’s already with a proven model tested in similar markets

Franchisee profile

Can I become a Metropolitan Movers Franchisee with no previous experience in the moving industry? Absolutely!

In a franchisee, we’re not necessarily looking for someone with management experience or a past history of small business ownership. What we’ve seen in our most successful franchisees is that they all carry a similar skillset across 6 categories and it’s this which we are looking for.

  • 100% commitment to customer service is what has always got the job done at Metropolitan Movers and in our franchisees, we expect the same approach.
  • The ambition to succeed is a necessity in small business and franchising businesses in Regina. When things get tough, if you’ve got enough ambition and passion, we will provide all the resources you need to carry you through – to the best of our abilities.
  • The determination to develop the Regina, SK territory and market an established moving company brand. If a franchisee is relentless in pursuing every opportunity to build a small business for themselves, we will support them in every way we can.
  • Top communication skills are a must in meeting with clients, prospects, and in managing employees. You’ve got be talented, honest, and meaningful in your communication to those around you. To secure and capitalize on a Regina investment opportunity like franchising, it’s not going to work if you don’t have the necessary skills to speak with authority and clarity.
  • The ability to lead, train, and manage employees can make or break a business. Anyone buying a Regina business or franchise needs to know how to cultivate trust and strong performances in the employees they surround themselves with.
  • The willingness to make a full-time commitment is so important to succeeding as a franchisee in Regina. The market is filled with competitors far and wide, no matter what category of business you’re in. You need to be ready to work full-time to get done your success.

Set yourself up as a franchisee with a company who cares

You don’t have to go it alone in starting a Regina business or buying a franchise. We have a thorough and supportive franchise development network which will prioritize your success in Regina.

Our franchising team works with our franchisees to help them develop the skills to achieve their dreams. Find out more information on how to start a Regina franchise, become a successful franchisee, and join eager and energetic entrepreneurs just like you.

There’s no reason to delay it another day. If you have the passion, commitment, and determination, we’re here to guide you to where you need to go. When you choose Metropolitan Movers for your small business, the rewards will be plentiful. Please contact our support office today.

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