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London is situated along the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor, nestled about halfway from the beautiful cities of Toronto, Detroit, and Buffalo. Originally named in 1793, London was a proposed site for Canada’s capital at the time. Today, London’s the largest southwest municipality in Ontario and with many smaller communities surrounding it, is Canada’s 11th largest metro area.

The economy of London is fortunate to draw from so many sources, including healthcare, post-secondary education, and a variety of institutions associated with these. London’s positioning along the 401 and 402 highways connect it to key regions such as Toronto, Windsor, and Sarnia. Many Canadians are attracted to moving to the London area for the healthy investments, growth, and affordable buy-ins on real estate it continues to support.

It is projected that the population in Regina will grow exponentially. According to the Official Community Plan (OCP), Regina is expected to make great investments in developing infrastructure, preparing the City for the sharp growth in home construction and new residents. The changes can be seen today. Strong and steady growth in weekly earnings already attracts a high number of workers in the Saskatchewan area including Regina.

A low-risk, low-cost franchise opportunity in London, Ontario and southwest Ontario for entrepreneurs looking to become financially independent has arrived. Join the Metropolitan Movers team as we continue to move towards Canada-wide expansion. Help foster new business in London’s strong growth-driven marketplace. With a population of more than 383,000, we’re accepting applications now from results-driven, success-focused entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners. Be at the helm of a moving company brand’s establishing in the community.
London Franchise
Household income
Relocations in 5 years
Guaranteed revenue in the first 12 months in operations​

High demand for moving services

Moving services are always in demand, especially in key urban cities like London. Average Canadian moves 5-6 times in the life-time and third of them hire reliable movers to shift inconveniences on the shoulders of professionals.

Unique strategies to capture the market

We diversify our marketing channels to increase exposure and analyze the effectiveness of each campaign to assure that every single cent works to the fullest.

Thorough training for award-winning services

We make sure that every single unit stands firm on its feet and successfully serves its clients by offering 2-week professional training and ongoing support to every Metropolitan Movers franchise owner.

Canada wide locations

Ready to make a move?

Ready to make a move?

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Since 2010, Metropolitan Movers has been taking over the Canadian moving company marketplace. Focusing on going above and beyond, we take the stress out of the moving process and make it carefree from the moment the client makes a call to our company. Our customer service and referral ratings are the highest in the moving industry and we will coach you on how to achieve it for your business.

As a Regina franchisee, you will receive professional training and ongoing support from Metropolitan Movers. With the proven systems in place, we have a history of promoting the growth of strong moving businesses all across the Country. The system is trusted and acknowledged by people who know it from the inside out – every year, Metropolitan Movers helps employees to establish their own moving franchise companies.

Metropolitan Movers moving company is the perfect franchising opportunity in Regina. Our team of marketing specialists will help to achieve comprehensive exposure and design successful lead generation strategies for your local market. In addition to an extensive online presence nationwide, we will tailor SEO and social media tactics to target your geographic location and correspond to the latest industry trends.

We encourage all of our franchisees to look beyond their territory and bring jobs in from distant locations. In fact, we have financial incentives to book clients in different locations. Our Smart Franchising Fee system is also designed to secure the lowest moving prices for the client while guaranteeing a profitable business for your company.

Regina is an underserved market with regards to moving services. We believe a Metropolitan Movers franchise can benefit the community while assisting students, seniors, busy professionals, and families move across the city and relocate with ease. As a franchisee in Regina, you will have our utmost backing. Like with our other multiple successful locations, we are looking for leaders and entrepreneurs in Regina.

What it takes to become a successful franchise owner?


Can I become a Metropolitan Movers Franchisee with no previous experience in the moving industry? Absolutely!

We are not necessarily looking for someone with management experience or a past history of small business ownership. What we’ve seen in our most successful franchisees is that they all carry a similar skillset across 6 categories and this is what we are looking for.

100% commitment to customer service is what has always got the job done at Metropolitan Movers and in our franchisees, we expect the same approach.

The ambition to succeed is a necessity in small business and franchising businesses in Regina. When things get tough, if you’ve got enough ambition and passion, we will provide all the resources you need to carry you through – to the best of our professional expertise.

Determination to develop the Regina, SK territory and grow Metropolitan Mover’s brand in the Regina moving market. When a franchisee is relentless in pursuing every opportunity to build a small business for themselves, we will support them in all the business aspects.

Top communication skills is an asset in meeting clients, prospects, and managing employees. In order to secure and capitalize on a Regina investment opportunity like franchising, like any business, being well-spoken, available, and persistent is what will drive you to success.

The ability to lead, train, and manage employees can make or break a business. Anyone buying a Regina business or franchise needs to know how to cultivate trust and strong performances in the employees they surround themselves with and present to the clients – after all, they are the face of your business.

 The willingness to make a full-time commitment is important to succeed as a franchisee in Regina. The market is filled with competitors far and wide, no matter what category of business you’re in. You need to be ready to work full-time to be a successful business owner.



Buying a franchise means you always have a team of professionals to support you and your business development. Our franchising team works with every franchise partner to help them develop the skills and achieve their goals.

Become a successful business owner and join eager, driven and successful entrepreneurs just like you.

There is no reason to delay it another day. If you have the passion, commitment, and determination, we are here to guide you on a path towards achieving your greatest ambitions.


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